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Pensions 22 | Transfer values and pension scams

Pensions 22 is a series of six podcasts on key pensions issues for trustees and employers in 2022. In this first episode, Jonathan Hazlett (Partner and Head of Pensions at Osborne Clarke) talks to Freddie Carter (a trainee solicitor) about the new rules for pensions transfers that started to apply on 30 November 2021. They discuss what the new rules say, why they were introduced, and the actions trustees should be taking. The next podcast in the series (on the new requirement for an effective system of governance (ESOG)) will follow shortly.

Employment Law Coffee Break | Covid and other considerations for employers holding social gatherings

In our latest Employment Law Coffee Break podcast, we talk to employment partner, Julian Hemming who highlights considerations for employers in the current climate, many of whom are keen for staff to celebrate after nearly two years of working through the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mobility as a Service Podcast | Intellectual Property in MaaS

In the latest episode of Osborne Clarke's Mobility as a Service (MaaS) podcast series Marie-Claire Day speaks with Intellectual Property and Data Privacy expert and OC Partner, Tamara Quinn, about IP considerations in MaaS.

PEER150 ESG Q&A Session

Mobility as a Service podcast | A spotlight on India

In episode five of Osborne Clarke's Mobility as a Service ("MaaS") podcast series, Jeremy Godley is joined by Parveen Arora - Partner and head of the energy and infrastructure practice and Shloka Vaidialingam, principal associate, both at Osborne Clarke's relationship firm in India, BTG Legal, to discuss some of the wider mobility trends in India.

Protecting your business from unfair employee competition

Danielle Kingdon, employment partner, speaks with Emma Ladley, Associate Director, on how employers can protect their businesses from unfair employee competition.

Leading a Diversity and Inclusion strategy – a tech client shares their experience

Danielle Kingdon, employment partner, speaks with Kate Howitt, UK Counsel for Zynga, a leading developer of social games, about Zynga's diversity and inclusion strategy and the steps they have taken to attract and support diverse talent in their business.

Neurodiversity in the workplace

Danielle Kingdon, employment partner, speaks with Nancy Doyle, CEO of Genius Within to provide a practical introduction to neurodiversity and the considerations for employers seeking to attract, retain and support neuro-diverse talent.

The Tax Break Podcast - Preliminary Hearings

In our latest tax podcast, Veronica McMahon, a senior corporate tax specialist and Matt Greene, an associate director, discuss preliminary issues hearings. They look at when you might want to take one particular issue in a tax dispute and have it determined by the tax tribunal first, before all the other issues are resolved.

The Digitalisation Podcast | A spotlight on social diversity

In this new episode we continue to shine a light on the topic of digital inclusion and power of digital in a post-COVID environment. For this edition, Caroline Saul, interviews Cain Ullah and Harriet Green from Mission Beyond a social impact initiative on the power of data, reporting and digital trends in tackling D&I within businesses.

The Tax Break Podcast | Criminal Finances Act (CFA)

This podcast discusses the issues arising out of the Criminal Finances Act, 4 years after its introduction. The team are seeing an increase in HMRC investigating whether the criminal offence of failing to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion has been committed.

The Tax Break Podcast | Tax Mediation

This podcast discusses why mediation can work even though HMRC's Litigation and Settlement Strategy broadly means that they will not settle for less than they believe (on a "more likely than not" basis) they would obtain before a tribunal. For example, mediation can work where there is a factual dispute. Although tax mediation shares many similarities with commercial mediation, there are some important differences and these are also examined in the podcast. In particular, there is a discussion about how a HMRC employee acting as a mediator can be advantageous.

Future of Work | The hybrid working series: mitigating IP & commercial risks

In this episode of our Future of Work hybrid working series, Employment Partner Olivia Sinfield talks with Becky Crawford, a Senior Associate in the Commercial Disputes team about the various commercial issues businesses need to be aware of when implementing new workforce or workplace strategies.

Decarbonisation | In conversation with … Simon Thompson

This podcast has been set up to capture conversations with individuals who are pushing the boundaries across sectors as we move towards the goal of reaching Net Zero. For this third edition Caroline Saul, Partner and 'Funding the transition to a low carbon future' Stream Lead interviews Simon Thompson, Chief Executive of the Chartered Banker Institute. Caroline and Simon discuss what green finance means in practice and the role of the banking community in the transition to Net Zero.

Energy Innovation | What makes due diligence different when acquiring technology or digital assets?

This is the fourth episode in Osborne Clarke's Energy Innovation podcast series. In this session, Deborah Harvey is joined by Matthew Lewis and Tamara Quinn to discuss the due diligence process when acquiring technology or digital assets in the energy innovation space, and the unique IP and data considerations that may arise as part of that process.

The Tax Break Podcast | Global tax reform for large multinationals

In our latest podcast, Veronica McMahon, senior technical specialist in our Tax Group is joined by Erika Jupe, who leads the International Tax Practice Group in the UK. They discuss the tax challenges arising from globalisation and the digitalisation of the economy, with particular reference to the latest progress and announcements from the OECD, G20 and G7 confirming an agreed global solution. The speakers then look at the content of the latest announcement on 1 July on the OECD/G20 Inclusive Framework which supports the OECD's two pillar approach and builds on the communique published by the G7 in June. The speakers also consider the potential stumbling blocks on the way to a globally agreed solution and what large multinational companies may need to do to prepare for the advent of any new rules, which could come as early as 2023.

Decarbonisation | In conversation with … Damian Dunphy

This podcast has been set up to capture conversations with individuals who are pushing the boundaries across sectors as we move towards the goal of reaching Net Zero. For this second edition James Watson, Osborne Clarke's International Head of Decarbonisation interviews Damian Dunphy, Energy Transition Director at DLL.

The Tax Break | FCA and Tax Avoidance

In our latest podcast, Matt Greene, Associate Director in our tax disputes team is joined by Rachel Couter, who leads our contentious financial services practice, to discuss how non-compliance with tax obligations can have an impact if you hold a senior position in the financial services industry. Financial regulators require senior individuals (who undertake certain functions) to be "fit and proper" and can ban (and possibly fine) individuals who do not meet that standard. Proceedings or investigations by HMRC into an individual in their private capacity need to be disclosed when applying for "approved person" status. The speakers discuss a recent sample case, highlighting some key elements, and also look at the position of the employing business - which can be disciplined by the FCA in certain circumstances. The podcast looks at what the business should be doing to protect against that situation.

Future of work | The hybrid working series: Immigration

Two Sinfields in a Pod? In this episode Adam Sinfield, Senior Immigration manager, discusses the "need to knows" of all things immigration with Employment Partner, Olivia Sinfield.

The Tax Break | Tax judicial review

The latest podcast in our tax series focuses on judicial review ("JR"), which allows a court to overturn a HMRC decision (in particular where the HMRC has exercised its discretion or reversed a decision), and is separate from going to the tax tribunal.

Future of Work | Health and Safety considerations of hybrid working

Since the pandemic, businesses have had to look at a range of issues and challenges and adapt accordingly to the increasingly number of employees who were put in the position of having to work from home. Employment Partner Olivia Sinfield is joined by Mary Lawrence, Partner in our Health and Safety team, to discuss the health and safety implications relevant to hybrid working.

Employment Law Coffee Break | Changing terms and conditions of employment: A look at the legal and practical issues

With the use of "fire and re-hire" in the spotlight and organisations scrutinising their current employment contracts in light of their operational requirements and protecting their business in the future, our latest Employment Law Coffee Break podcast, looks at the legal and practical issues that arise when changing terms and conditions of employment.

The Tax Break | Uncertain tax positions

In our latest tax break podcast, partner Ian Hyde is joined by Heather Self of accountants Blick Rothenberg to discuss HMRC's proposal to require large businesses to report uncertain tax positions to HMRC. This is intended to alert the tax authorities to large businesses taking an aggressive/optimistic approach to statutory interpretation. Although large businesses often do in practice already disclose significant uncertainty upfront, HMRC is consulting on bringing in this new requirement in April 2022. This podcast covers which companies will be subject to this new requirement (if it is brought in), what exactly is meant by "uncertain", what threshold is envisaged and how the transitional period will be dealt with. There is also a discussion about which groups of companies might face the biggest challenge from this change.

Digitalisation | A spotlight on digital inclusion

This podcast has been set up to capture conversations with leaders across the Digitalisation eco-system, our first podcast shines a light on the topic of digital inclusion and the positive role that technology has to play in accelerating digital inclusion. For this first edition, Katherine Kirrage, our Digitalisation Transformation Manager and Osborne Clarke's Social Diversity champion interviews Gabrielle Kohlmeier, Associate General Counsel at Verizon Media

The Tax Break | HMRC information powers and the relevance of privilege

In our latest tax podcast, Ian Hyde (head of our tax disputes team) and Matt Greene (an associate director in the same team) discuss the role that legal professional privilege plays when dealing with HMRC's information requests.

Energy Innovation | Digitalisation in the energy space and new technology

This is the third episode in Osborne Clarke's new Energy Innovation podcast series. In this session, Deborah Harvey, Associate Director and Co-Head of Energy Innovation at Osborne Clarke is joined by Cassie Harman, Vice President of Product at Kaluza. Kaluza is an intelligent software platform that is transforming how major retailers operate and interact with their customers while accelerating the shift towards a more flexible and decarbonised energy system. Deborah and Cassie discuss the opportunities and challenges energy businesses face as a result of enhanced digitalisation in the sector.

Mobility as a Service Podcast | Opportunities and challenges in Mobility as a Service

In episode five of Osborne Clarke's Mobility as a Service ("MaaS") podcast series, Marie-Claire Day is joined by Aurelien Cottet, an expert in the MaaS industry. Aurelien has over 4 years' experience working in MaaS for Transdev, in 2020 he was elected to the Maas Alliance Board of Directors, and, in early 2021, he was invited to become a contributor and advisor to the Urban AI Think-Tank. Aurelien is now International Sales Director for INSTANT System who specialise in Intelligent Transport Systems and MaaS solutions. Aurelien talks to us about the deployment of MaaS internationally, and the opportunities and challenges for MaaS.

The Tax Break | Beyond IR35

In the second of our podcasts on IR35, Ian Hyde and Frances Lewis, head of Osborne Clarke's Workforce Solutions team, look at the shifts in off payroll engagement models that have been prompted by the recent changes to IR35 and the wider risks and practical implications for end users and staffing agencies.